House Plans with a Safe Room: Minimum Requirements for Your Safety

 More and more homes are being built with safety in mind; most new house plans include a safe room where residents can safely hide until a dangerous situation is over.
 A safe room according to residential security experts is a fortified room in a residence or business which is specifically installed as a safe shelter for inhabitants to hide in the event of a home invasion or natura…

Is Installing a Wall Safe the Right Thing for Your Home?

It’s a good idea if you have precious jewelry or one-of-a-kind, priceless collector’s items to store them in a safety-deposit box at your local bank or financial institution; their security is top-notch and in many cases the boxes are kept in climate-control conditions. However, if you have things like paper documents such as passports tax records, and property deeds, you might want to k…

Why is one side of a public double door always locked?

Often times most businesses will employ a double door. Especially during the hours where foot traffics are heavy, it is often an advantageous prospect to have a wide enough entrance to allow for smoother clearance.
 Even with the rationale, often times most businesses that utilize these double doors will lock it so one side will remain closed.
 Why do businesses employ this policy? It can…

Discouraging Home Break-Ins

Home break in Jacksoville

Thanks to professional locksmiths, many people have secured dead bolt locks on their doors since the later 1960’s, in order to protect from home burglaries. Today, however, you will find many people using the new electronic home security system devices.
Even though you may have the newest in home security system, your home still has the potential of being broken into. If you are thinking…

How Can I Learn To Pick Locks?

Learning to pick locks isn’t that hard. It’s not that it is necessarily easy, but it is a skill like any other. You need to learn how to do it and then put in the practice necessary to become proficient. Following is an expanded explanation of how you can learn to pick locks.
If you wanted to, you could jump right into trying to pick locks, but it is better to have some understanding of…

The Significant Role of Car Locksmiths

Situations like being locked out of car and having your car keys locked inside a car is really stressing. Finding yourself stuck down the road or any place where no one is there to extend some help can be very nerve-racking. It is inevitable that these undesirable road situations are enough reasons to cause panic, especially when you are about to meet a client or report to your workplace wher…

Infographic on Safes by Jacksonville Locksmith.

Buying a safe from locksmith

Hotel Rooms Installed with Safes in America
America is always visited by many tourists every year. This is because of the great sceneries as well as the luxurious life that the country could offer. But, aside from that, the popularity of US to tourists is also because of the great accommodation that some hotels have. The customers are satisfied of the great service and secured place to stay…

What Safe Should I Buy?

If you are looking to buy a safe the type you need will be determined by its intended purpose: put simply, what is it you are looking to safeguard? There are a number of different types of safe available, and you also need to consider the locking system. Let’s start by looking at the different types of safe.

Burglary Safe – this is the common sort of safe that we are all familiar with,…

The High Cost of Losing Your Keys

Home lockouts are extremely common. Realizing that you have no idea where your house keys are causes panic and frustration. If you don’t keep a spare set with a neighbor or relative, you’ll feel even worse. Your options for getting back in your house are to break in, pick the lock yourself, or call a locksmith. If you break in, you’ll have to repair damages to the window or door, and this…

Commercial Locksmith

Own a Business? Keep the Number of a Commercial Locksmith Handy
Every business owner should keep the number of a reputable and reliable locksmith handy. There’s no telling when the services of an experienced commercial locksmith will be required, and the last thing you want to do is scramble around to find one in an emergency. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your business or are concerned…

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