Call a Locksmith Because Your Building Locks May Have Been Hacked

Hacked Building Locks in Jacksonville

 Building locks, especially building locks that are electromagnetic, are usually incredibly secure, however, are recent article at states that a critical vulnerability in an industrial control system may allow hackers to control door locks, lighting systems, elevators, alarms and other building features remotely. The systems that could be hacked are security systems that are used by the U.S. military and institutions such as hospitals. If you’re the manager of a building that uses electronic locks, you might want to give your locksmith a call now to find out if your locks are at risk.

 According to people who specifically work to find weaknesses in security systems, the Tridium Niagara AX Framework is relatively easy to exploit. This should have many high security building owners worried; if a high end security system can get hacked, regular electronic locking systems could also be at risk.

 According to spokespeople at Tridium, technologists and security experts are working on a patch to fix the problem. Tridium had reportedly been working on a solution for this problem since December of last year.

 According to the security experts who hacked into the system, what makes the system vulnerable is the fact that it’s accessible by the internet. In fact, that’s one of the system’s main selling points; locks and areas of buildings can be controlled remotely as long as a person has an internet connection.

When the hacking study was conducted, researchers found that over 21,000 Tridium systems were easily visible over the internet, which is rather frightening. In some cases, researchers said the security systems were so vulnerable that they were almost “asking for it.”

If you are concerned about the security status of your buildings or electronic locks, call a commercial locksmith now. If necessary, he or she will be able to replace your system with something that isn’t connected to the internet or with something that may be more suitable for your needs, which may even be reverting to key operated or mechanical digital locks.

If you are living in Jacksonsville,Call a Locksmith Because Your Building Locks May Have Been Hacked.

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