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Working in an office requires you to have access to your customers or clients files. If for any reason, you cannot find the key to your filing cabinet, you are left without the tools to do your job properly. Trying to pick the lock can be frustration, and often you are unsuccessful anyways. In some cases, the lock is broken during your attempt to break into the locked cabinet. If you want to truly free your files from your file cabinet, re-key services are your best option.

Know What Type of File Cabinet You Have

Before you contact the locksmith for a file cabinet re-key, locate the file cabinet information. You can usually find the manufacturer name on the side, or on the bottom of the cabinet. This information can help the locksmith to recover the keys you need and get into the cabinet quickly. Let the file cabinet re-key service know if you are locked out of a Westinghouse, Metal Works, Chicago Lock, or other brand cabinet, and they can bring along the appropriate tools.

Lock Cores

Many times you need an entirely new lock core. This usually happens due to a broken off key piece inside the core, but it can also be due to malfunctioning or broken parts. If you know what the number for the lock core you need, let the locksmith know when you call. If you do not know the number, let them know if you need one for a vertical locking system, or if you are replacing a lock on a drawer type cabinet.

Broken Key Extractor

You can often times remove a broken key from the lock core without replacing the core. You can use a broken key extractor to remove the key yourself. The tool is around $7, and is easy to use. This can save you from paying a professional to come out and remove the key. A professional Locksmith in Jacksonville charges on an hourly rate, and usually a minimum of two hours is charged for their arrival, so that can be a costly visit for something you could do on your own.

Locating the Key You Need

Every lock has a prefix or suffix that is attached to the key number. You can locate this number on the face of the lock. The number can be worn down with years of use, so you may need to use a magnifying glass and flashlight to clearly see the numbers. If they are worn down to the point where you cannot read them, use a paper and pencil to transfer the number. Place the paper against the lock where the number is, run the pencil over the paper lightly, this should reveal the numbers. The suffix or the prefix can help you or the locksmith quickly identify the manufacturer of the lock, and find the right key to get inside. File cabinet rekey solutions can be painless if you know what you are looking for. A good locksmith should be able to walk you through the steps to locating the parts that are needed to free your files from the file cabinet.

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