How To Open A Locked File Cabinet

Locked File Cabinet in Jacksonville

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing your file cabinet key. You need the documents in the cabinet urgently, but you cannot afford to break the lock and is it really worth the effort of calling your local locksmith?

Logically, yes, you should Call your Locksmith, but why not try a few other options first. Before looking at how to pick a file cabinet lock, it is good to remember that all file cabinet locks are different, and you will need intimate knowledge of a lock to open it. Lock picking a file cabinet lock is not as easy as they make it look in the movies.

How Average File Cabinet Lock Works

The lock mechanism of most vertical filing cabinets works by lowering a metal bar the full length of the cabinet and preventing the cabinet drawers from opening.

You cannot pick a lock without being able to visualize the opening mechanism first.

How To Open A Locked File Cabinet – Option One

You will need some help with this one. Lift up the front of the cabinet and feel towards the right front side of the bottom of the cabinet for a hole. If you poke your finger in, you should find the bottom of a metal rod. When you push the rod up, you should release the locking mechanism to open the drawers.

How To Open A Locked File CabinetOption Two

It is virtually impossible for someone who has no experience in picking a lock to do this. Your next option will be to remove the lock forcibly in some way.

This being said, you will either need a screwdriver and a hammer, or an electric drill. Make sure that you are wearing safety goggles before you begin. Take your screwdriver and put it on the lock in the keyhole and give it a hard whack with the hammer. This should pop out the locking mechanism. You might not be successful with the first shot, just give it a few more good blows and it will inevitably break.

For the electric drill option, using a large drill bit, put the drill on the lock and drill it out. It should pop open in no time.

Before you consider this option, consider that the lock will be ruined and you will either have to replace or repair the locking mechanism or replace the entire file cabinet..

How To Open A Locked File CabinetOption Three

Sometimes we are so busy trying to save money that we end up being “penny wise and a pound foolish”. Lock picking a file cabinet lock without causing any damage is easier said than done. It is far simpler and wiser to call your local locksmith for quick and painless assistance.

Hollywood movies always make lock picking a file cabinet lock look easy, even when they are not even using the right equipment for the job or showing you how long it actually takes to get it right. Ultimately, the decision is yours; do you give your lock picking skills a test drive, or do you simply hand the job over to the professionals?

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