Infographics Used to Know the Certain Places Where Theft Rate is High

Infographics Used to Know the Certain Places Where Theft Rate is High

The infographics that are being used by NICB are the ones that can help in providing clear information for their readers. They are using infographics that people can understand easily and will provide easy to understand information for the rates of theft in their area. The rates that they are showing with every place are based from the calculations that they have been using in their agency. With certain representation of everything that they want to explain, they can make sure that they are providing accurate pictures of what they pertain.

With the infographics used by the agency, it shows a map where different counties and cities are found. The map represents a country where the top 25 metropolitan areas for highest rates for auto theft are located. The sequence of the areas is represented by their rank, the name of the place and the total crime rate. The top 5 metropolitan areas included in the picture are:

  • Fresno, California with 808.25 rate
  • Modesto, California that has 639.32 theft rate
  • Bakersfield-Delano, California with 615.23 rate
  • Spokane, Washington with a rate of 551.75
  • Yakima, Washington at fifth for its 529.25 rate

The exact places are located through the representation of a star and clearly states where these places can be found in the map. The infographics used for the map is simple to make sure that people reading can easily point out the place where they may go. An effective infographics like the one used with this map will help in determining places where high danger for vehicle theft is high.

Infographic on vehicle theft


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