Infographic on the art of locksmithing

Infographic on the art of locksmithing

Key Relevance as Locksmithing’s Technical Term

In locksmithing, there are lots of technical terms that are very relevant in doing the job of defeating locks. One of these technical terms is the so called key relevance. This is actually the difference between the key that is original and the duplicate key. Although duplicate keys are not perfectly the same as the original key, it can still open locks that this certain key is specially made for. The relevance of the original keys and the duplicate ones are about the appearance, shape and size. Whether the original key is larger than the duplicate key or vice versa, the key will still open the certain lock.

The locksmith will make use of the key blank and compare it to the original key, mold it and they will make it exactly the same as the original copy. There are lots of differences between the original copy and the duplicate. Locksmiths make duplications with the help of various materials and tools that can effectively make a spare key. It is very advisable to have the use of machines in order to easily make duplications.

There is no such thing as a perfect copy of any kinds of key. But, there are also some especially if the two different keys are made from two key blanks. If the two keys are made from two key blanks, they will look exactly the same. But, if there is the original key, it will be very difficult to have the exact appearance of the two keys.

Infographic on the art of locksmithing

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