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The average American worker spends about 46 hours per week on the job. Making sure that office buildings and industrial parks are safe and secure is important, not just to worker safety but also to productivity. Investing in quality locks and security systems for places of business and industry are important from both a moral and profit standpoint.

Burglaries can have a significant impact on your business, causing disruption of normal activities as you cope with missing equipment and supplies and dealing with police reports, insurance claims and other bureaucracy related to the crime. Violent events at your business, such as shootings, muggings and disruptive conduct can also result in human tragedies, legal claims, business disruption and unwanted publicity.

Investing in good security measures for office buildings and industrial parks can help business owners avoid the costs of property and violent crime.

One of the most important things property owners can do to secure their buildings and facilities is invest in appropriate locks. Property owners have many lock options to choose from, including standard spring and deadbolt locks, padlocks, mechanical push-button locks and electronic locking systems. For office buildings, electronic lock systems that allow an office manager or receptionist to buzz visitors in after establishing their identity at the door may be ideal for screening visitors. This system gives property owners and managers tight control over who has access to their building. Factories that are open 24 hours may benefit from a mechanical push-button lock system, which grants employees access to the facility if they enter the correct code.

Remembering to re-key locks or update key card access after employment changes at an office or business is also important. Employees who have been terminated or otherwise part on bad terms with a company may be tempted to return and commit acts of vandalism or theft. Also, an employee’s old key or key card may fall into the wrong hands after he or she stops employment with your company, creating a security risk.

Electronic security systems are also an important component of any business’ security preparations. Making sure that you install a useful and appropriate alarm and intruder detection system in your properties and limiting access to the system to a few trusted employees can help reduce theft and other problems.

Video camera security can also be helpful for business property, as it acts as both a deterrent to potential thieves and also can help law enforcement establish the identity of thieves and vandals.

Establishing security policies is one of the most important pro-active things businesses can do to improve the safety of their facilities. Business owners should evaluate their security and establish policies concerning access to facilities, delivery and pick-up of items, chains of custody for important business materials and workplace conduct.

Professional Locksmith in Jacksonville can help owners of office buildings and industrial parks secure their property, making it safe for workers and visitors, as well as making sure company property is safe. Professional Locksmith in Jacksonville staff can consult with property owners to ascertain the vulnerabilities and security needs of specific facilities and develop a cost-effective, comprehensive security plan.

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