Signs Your Lock May Need Repair Work

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One of the main security features in and around your home are your locks; strong, well maintained locks means better protection for you, your family and your home.

It is always a good idea to regularly inspect the locks in your home to ensure that they are in good working condition; if you find that there is a lock in your home that is giving your trouble, no matter how slight, then it is time to look at either making repairs to it, or having it replaced entirely.

A lock that is even slightly damaged can prove to be a serious breach in your home’s security, so do not be neglectful.

Signs That Your Locks Need Repairs

There are several signs and factors which can indicate that your locks need repairs, or even replacing.

Your Key Keeps Getting Stuck In The Lock

If your key keeps getting stuck in a lock, this is a sure sign that your lock is in need of repairs. Begin by applying some type of lubrication; you can spray it with WD40 or even apply a little all purpose machine oil to loosen the mechanism. If this does not help, your next step will be to remove the lock and check the locking mechanism for wear and tear or other damage.

Sometimes all that is needed is a good clean or some simple re-aligning, however, if after all your efforts your key still keeps getting stuck in the lock, then it is time for a visit to your Local Locksmith for some advice or for a replacement.

Loose Doorknobs

This is another sign that your lock needs repairs. With continuous use, a lock may inevitably become loose. This is a simple problem to remedy as all that you really need to do is tighten the screws holding the lock on the door.


Another simple problem that may require attention is when your lock latch is out of alignment with your door. This requires that you remove the lock from the door and reinstall it.


Exposure to the elements can cause your external locks to rust. Rust is a sure sign that your lock is getting weaker and needs to be repaired, or even replaced.

Again try some WD40 to breathe some new life into the lock, however, a rusty lock can easily be compromised and you would be best advised to have it replaced rather than take any chances with your home’s security.

Consider Upgrading Your Locks

If your repair work falls short and you have to resort to having your lock changed, you may want to consider replacing it with a more modern upgrade. There are various keyless locking systems available that might better suit your needs.

You can opt for a keypad which allows you to have a lock on your door without needing a key; you simply enter a secret code which will automatically unlock your door.

Cell phone locks are another option and are easy to install on your doors. With this technology you are able to lock and unlock your doors remotely via your smartphone.

Regular wear and tear will always provide work for the homeowner. Keeping good care of your locks, means keeping your first line of defence against intruders in excellent working order. Repairing your locks is a vital part of home maintenance and should not be taken lightly; and if all else fails, do not hesitate to contact your local locksmith and replace any faulty locks; your safety should always come first!

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