What Safe Should I Buy?

safe for homeIf you are looking to buy a safe the type you need will be determined by its intended purpose: put simply, what is it you are looking to safeguard? There are a number of different types of safe available, and you also need to consider the locking system. Let’s start by looking at the different types of safe.

  • Burglary Safe – this is the common sort of safe that we are all familiar with, and is used to protect valuables, money and other precious items. These are the most popular home safes but are also used by businesses. A burglary safe will be made of thick metal in general, and will be designed to deter access by tools. You may find them with a lock and key mechanism, a combination mechanism, or both, and they are offered in a variety of different ratings: the modern rating codes include TL for tool resistance, TR for torch resistance, and TX for explosive resistance, and some still use the older insurance reference codes of B, C or E. There will also be a number attached, which is the certified attack time: for instance, a TL30 rated safe will resist attack by tools for 30 minutes.
  • Fire Safe – also known as a record safe, this type of safe is used to store important documents. The safe is designed to keep internal temperatures below 350f – paper begins to char at around 400f – for a set period of time in the event of a fire. This sort of safe is made from thin material that is designed to enable heat transfer; it is important to remember that they are not intended to protect against attack, and are not particularly secure in such an event.
  • Media Safe – designed to keep temperatures below either 125f or 72f, these safes are sophisticated devices that are used to protect computer disks and other data devices in the event of a fire. Again, they are not secure against attack, and are not designed for protecting money or valuables.

As you can see, the three main types of safe offer very different properties and are designed for quit specific jobs. Burglary safes, it should be noted, are not fire resistant in standard form, but there are dual-purpose models that can be found.

A further consideration when buying a safe is the type of lock. Many modern locks use an electronic keypad lock. This can be very convenient, especially for the elderly who may find keys and combinations cumbersome, but they are subject to problems. For instance, they tend to be battery powered, and it can be annoying when the battery runs down and the safe cannot be opened! Modern mechanical locking safes are more sophisticated than their older counterparts – although there is no reason why an older safe, even one of considerable age, should not do a decent job if it has been adequately serviced – and have impressive locking systems that are hard to overcome. They are also more reliable than the electronic counterparts and do not need a power source.

Finally, when looking to buy a safe you should consider where it is going to be placed. A heavy, burglary safe is not suitable for moving around, and the location is somewhere that should be carefully chosen. For more advice on buying a safe ask a locksmith or security expert, and make sure you get the type of safe you need.

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