Where Do You go to get A Wheel Lock Key Replacement?

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Wheel locks are a great idea if you’ve got wheels that you want to protect.  However, if you lose the key to your wheel locks, it might be quite difficult to get a replacement.  However, before you start searching the internet for ways to smash the locks off your wheels and getting new locks for them, there are a few things you can do to try to get your wheel lock keys replaced.

 First of all, if the key is like a regular key and not a socket-type key, call your locksmith.  If you live in Jacksonville, call an automotive locksmith Jacksonville expert; he or she will probably be able to make you a new key.  Even if the type of key you need to remove the locks is a specialized socket-type key, your locksmith Jacksonville automotive expert might be able to help you out.  Even if he or she can’t, it won’t cost much to call and find out.  The locksmith might even be able to tell you where you need to go if he or she can’t do the job for you.

 If a locksmith can’t replace the key for you, then the next step is to go to the car dealership where you bought the car or go to the place where the locks were purchased or installed.  The manufacturer may be able to get you a new key or make you a tool that you can use to open the locks.

 If the dealership can’t help you and if you really need to get the locks off, what you’ll need to do is visit some custom shops or tire dealers; while they may not be able to replace your key, what they can do is take the locks off for you.  You can then purchase a new set, which will probably come with a key and a duplicate for emergencies.

 Trying to get the locks off yourself should only be a last resort.  There are videos on sites like YouTube that show you how to smash them off, but you might do some lasting damage to your wheels.  Always call a locksmith first, and then ask if he or she knows of any places that might be able to get the locks off if he or she can’t do the job.

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